Playa del Carmen Properties for Sale

Properties for Sale in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, nestled in the heart of the Riviera Maya, has become a thriving city experiencing unprecedented growth due to its soaring demand in real estate and tourism. Known for its outstanding quality of life and cultural richness, Playa boasts a spectacular blend of natural beauty and urban conveniences. Strategically located, Playa serves as the central hub to Cozumel Island, Puerto Morelos, Cancun, and the Federal Highway, facilitating seamless travel to Merida, Chichen Itza, and Valladolid—renowned for their colonial and cultural attractions. It’s also home to renowned attractions like Río Secreto, Xcaret Group, and water parks, making it a hotspot for a diverse, cosmopolitan community.

Our real estate offerings in Playa del Carmen are strategically positioned in high-appreciation areas, ensuring a secure return on investment. With a staggering 74% occupancy rate, Playa stands as one of the most coveted cities for hotel stays and vacation rentals. Its prime location in the heart of the Riviera Maya makes Playa an attractive destination for living, visiting, and investing in real estate.

Design and Features of Playa del Carmen Apartments

Our modern apartments in Playa del Carmen are designed with a minimalist touch, emphasizing functionality. They feature amenities like gym areas, spas, sun decks, rooftops, and pools, enhancing the ‘Playense’ lifestyle in both urban and suburban locales. Suburban zones are meticulously crafted for families, incorporating playgrounds, clubhouses, barbecue areas, and pools as integral aspects of premium residential spaces.

Exclusive Real Estate Offerings in Playa del Carmen

Gea Real Estate, serving as the Master Broker, showcases exclusive developments to meet the escalating demand for housing and tourism in Playa del Carmen.

Each project we promote undergoes a stringent selection process considering factors such as neighbourhood appeal, growth potential, material quality, long-term profitability, and vacation rental viability. Our featured properties are crafted by reputable developers and construction companies, ensuring timely delivery and optimal conditions, securing long-term investment for our clients.

Pre-sale and Resale Properties in Playa del Carmen

Our pre-sale options attract investors seeking lucrative opportunities at launch prices, aiming to secure prime units for superior views and accessibility. Meanwhile, our resale listings cater to individuals capitalizing on property appreciation or transitioning to new life chapters. All our resale properties come with legal assurance, ensuring secure transactions.

Unlock the Gateway to Prime Real Estate in Playa del Carmen

Explore the finest real estate opportunities in Playa del Carmen, embracing a lifestyle of luxury, comfort, and investment potential. Find your dream property today!

Exclusive Developments in Playa del Carmen

Welcome to Playa del Carmen, the vibrant heart of the Riviera Maya, where nature meets unparalleled real estate growth! Our real estate offerings in this thriving city are strategically located in areas of high appreciation, ensuring a secure return on investment.

Discover the “Playense” lifestyle in our modern apartments, designed with a minimalist touch and standout functionality. From gyms and spas to sun decks and pools, our properties offer a unique living experience in both urban and suburban areas.

Gea Real Estate presents exclusive developments that cater to the growing demand in Playa del Carmen. Each project is carefully selected, considering the neighbourhood’s appeal, growth potential, and material quality. With renowned promoters and builders, we guarantee timely deliveries and optimal conditions, ensuring long-term investments.

Moreover, our properties not only offer an exceptional lifestyle but also lucrative investment opportunities. The distinguished location of Playa del Carmen provides easy access to beaches, the famous Fifth Avenue, and renowned restaurants, all just steps away from your new home. Explore the best real estate opportunities in Playa del Carmen, blending luxury, comfort, and investment potential. Make your dream of owning a property in this Caribbean paradise a reality today!


Elysium Oceanfront Condos, your ideal destination for investment or a Playa-style beachfront living experience!

Discover the perfect blend of quality living and investment opportunities on Playa del Carmen’s Quinta Avenida, with unparalleled views of the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

  • Live the Playa Lifestyle: Immerse yourself in authentic Caribbean living, just steps away from Playa del Carmen’s only Pet-Friendly Beach. Elysium offers a relaxed and vibrant lifestyle where the sea and comfort converge.

  • Profitable Investment: With 25 residential condos and 3 commercial spaces, Elysium is a savvy investment. From studios to three bedrooms, these residences are optimal for vacation rentals or year-round Playa living.

  • Luxury and Comfort: Enjoy high-quality interiors, ocean views from every angle, and a luxurious Rooftop with an Infinity pool. Every detail is crafted to deliver a unique beachfront luxury experience.

  • Strategic Location: Just 200 meters from the sands of Punta Esmeralda, Elysium places you in the heart of the Riviera Maya, where natural beauty meets modern conveniences.

Elysium is more than a home; it’s an investment in the Playa lifestyle! Contact us now to secure your space in this beachfront paradise.

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